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Municipal Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Advertising
Chapter 4. Alarm Systems
Chapter 5. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 5.5. Ambulance Services
Chapter 6. Amusements And Entertainments
Chapter 7. Animals
Chapter 8. Auctions And Auctioneers
Chapter 9. Buildings And Building Safety Regulations
Chapter 10. Cable Television
Chapter 11. Economic Development
Chapter 12. Emergency Services And Disasters
Chapter 12.5. Finances And Purchases
Chapter 13. Fire Prevention And Protection And Hazardous Materials
Chapter 14. Food And Food Handlers
Chapter 15. Garbage Collection And Disposal
Chapter 16. Health And Sanitation
Chapter 17. Human Rights
Chapter 18. Laundries And Dry Cleaners
Chapter 19. Licenses And Permits
Chapter 20. Massage Establishments
Chapter 20.5. Neighborhood Services
Chapter 21. Noise
Chapter 22. Property Code Enforcement And Property Maintenance Code
Chapter 23. Offenses
Chapter 24. Parades, Assemblies And Public Gatherings
Chapter 25. Peddlers, Solicitors And Transient Merchants
Chapter 25.5. Personnel
Chapter 26. Planning And Development
Chapter 27. Police And Jail
Chapter 27.5. Real Estate—Public
Chapter 28. Secondhand Goods Dealers
Chapter 29. Sewers And Water Drainage
Chapter 29.5. Stormwater Management And Erosion/Sediment Control Regulations
Chapter 30. Streets, Sidewalks And Public Ways
Chapter 31. Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 31.5. Tanning And Tattoo Parlors
Chapter 32. Taxation
Chapter 33. Traffic And Motor Vehicles
Chapter 34. Utilities
Chapter 35. Vegetation
Chapter 36. Vehicles For Hire
Chapter 37. Zoning
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